On the 28th of January 2020 United States President Donald Trump and fellow Jewish war criminal Ben Netanyahu announced what is being labelled the Middle East peace plan and “deal of the Century”. The timing of this announcement suits the needs of President Trump and the Israeli Prime Minster as both men are up for elections, as well as facing criminal charges of corruption, bribery and other breaches of trust. This so called Middle East peace plan drawn up by the U.S. and Israel is essentially a political chess move to legalize the illegal Israeli occupation of Jerusalem and the peace proposal is basically the United States demanding the Palestinian government to sign a surrender document and hand over Jerusalem to the terrorist state of Israel. the deal of the century being offered to the people of Palestine is not a deal at all, but rather an eviction notice from Jerusalem and one way ticket to another Israeli run concentration camp outside of Jerusalem.

Although the mainstream media is reporting the Palestinian government has been offered a 50 billion dollar economic plan and its own autonomous state, the document does not promise any money and Jared Kushner admits “the peace proposal will not include the phrase two-state solution". Essentially the deal of the century is just more of the same illegal occupation and the acquisition of territory by Israel with the support of the United States. The peace plan document conveniently ignores U.N. resolution 242 that emphasizes “the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war” and says that occupiers cannot settle their people on occupied land. It also fails to acknowledge Israel’s countless war crimes committed against the Palestinians, or its continuous violations of the Geneva Convention and U.N. resolutions.


The announcement of a plan by the United States and Israel to bring peace to the Middle East is nothing but a sick joke, no other two nations have caused more war, death and destruction through out the Middle East than the criminal governments of Israel and the U.S. The United States military has invaded and overthrown the sovereign nations of Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria and has flooded the Middle East with terrorist organisations that it trained, funded and armed for the sole purpose of murder and destabilization of that region. The state of Israel is equally responsible for all of these atrocities as well its own 70 year terror and genocide campaign which is responsible for the torture, rape and murder of millions of Middle Eastern people. It should also be noted that Israel is an apatite state being governed by religious fanatics that advocate the belief that all non Jews are Goyim (non human) and exist to be slaves of Israel.

So why the big announcement? If there is no deal being given to the Palestinians, what is the purpose of this historic Middle East peace plan? In reality the deal of the century it is a declaration of war and the match that will be used by the U.S. and Israel to ignite World War 3. This so called deal was announced knowing very well that it will be rejected by the Palestinians and that this rejection will allow Israel to justify its annexation of Jerusalem and control over the Temple Mount and the Islamic Holy sight known as the Dome of the rock. With the rise of political and religious tensions all over the world this action will undoubtedly fan the flames of the long existing religious and political conflict between Iran, Israel and the United States. Iran is preparing for an all out war with Israel and the U.S. and the Illegal annexation of Jerusalem will certainly throw the world into the worst political and religious conflict it has ever seen.



Did you know that all these events are foretold in Bible Prophecy and in order to truly understand this latest news we need to look to Bible prophecy and let the Word of God explain the reality of this current situation. The Bible tells us the future in great detail and explains the real motivation behind the so called deal of the Century and the Jewish takeover of Jerusalem. If you would like to know what the Bible says about the future of the world our Ministry would like to offer you our free book titled: THE END OF THIS WORLD. This one of a kind publication explains everything a Christian needs to know about Bible prophecy and the coming of the Antichrist. This book not only documents and describes end time events that take place in Jerusalem but it also important details about the coming world war, as well as how subjects like Agenda 21 and the United Nations fit in to Bible prophecy. We have decoded the symbolism of the Book of Revelation so you can understand the truth of what your future holds and the prophecies found in God’s Word. This short and easy to read book is a crash course in Bible prophecy and it contains everything you need to about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the end of this world. If you would like to get this book or any of our free publications just go to our website at

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