The Victorian government has a list of suburbs within local government areas (LGAs) that it has declared coronavirus "hotspots", these (LGAs) have been identified as Hume, Brimbank, Moreland, Cardinia, Darebin and Casey. Australian Defence Force (ADF) soldiers from the Covid19 taskforce have been deployed and are “all ready on the ground "going door to door", according to a spokesman for Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It is being reported that the government has deployed over 1000 military personnel to implement medical martial law. They have taken control of a number of hotels and will be using to detain citizens. It is also being reported that Scott Morison is in regular discussions with the Ministry of Defence and the Victorian premier Daniel Andrews regarding “The further deployment of Commonwealth resources, including the ADF”.


Covid19 is a virus and it is very dangerous, it is in my opinion the gravest threat to humanity that this world has ever faced. Covid19 is deadly, it will kill millions upon millions of people. Covid19 could be anywhere at anytime, it is an invisible enemy that any of us could have and be spreading without knowledge. This virus is the population’s worst nightmare, it is so dangerous that we need to be aggressively tracked, traced and databased, by a militarized secret police force. This virus needs to be located at once and the Covid19 Task Force will defeat this invisible enemy at all costs, including your rights to freedom and informed consent. So the Australian government is now using its military to occupy “Covid19 hotspots” and set up mandatory Coronavirus testing and D.N.A. collection. Obviously I am being sarcastic, I don’t believe the mainstream Covid19 narrative, I have written several articles exposing the pandemic for the fraudulent scam that it is, and I have been trying desperately to warn God’s people of the Coronavirus agenda. (See our Articles : EXPOSING THE CORONAVIRUS AGENDA - and our video THE PREPLANNED PANDEMIC). The Covid19 virus only exists to give more power to the satanic elite and further their goals of total control and depopulation. The truth is Covid19 is not a virus, but rather it is a code of the Illuminati that literally spells out their agenda.


The government through their mainstream media propaganda continue to tell us that nothing will go back to normal until there is a Covid19 vaccine, and according to the government no other solution exists. Coincidently, Eugenicist and depopulation expert Bill Gates stands to profit wildly from mandatory vaccines, and it should come as no surprise to learn that Bill Gates is now the biggest financial contributor of the United Nations World Health Organisation, which makes him head of the W.H.O.

It also should not come as a surprise to learn that Bill Gates is also the biggest contributor to the ID2020 program which is behind the coming global, biometric, national Identification system. Soon Australians will be ordered to carry a national I.D. card, unsuspecting Australians will think it is just a drivers licence that has changed from state to federal, but this a lie. It is actually a digital certificate that will be used to document whether or not you have been tested for the mythical Covid19 virus and received the experimental Covid19 vaccine.


You are witnessing the biggest military operation in the history of the world, the Antichrist government is now conducting a global military martial law takeover of the world. They plan on having every one obtain biometric national Identities, as well as have all citizens tested for Covid19. Individual results will go into a government database along side a persons D.N.A and biometric profile.

The United Nations through N.G.Os have built a global biometric identification system that will soon be adopted by the whole world, Bill Gates arrogantly spilled the beans on this conspiracy when he said “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

The United Nations has made it clear that mandatory vaccines are going to be implemented and World Health Organisation kingpin Bill Gates has openly stated “You don’t have a choice, people act like you have a choice… In order to stop the pandemic, we need to make the vaccine available to almost every person on the planet”…

According to the World Health Organisation no one will be exempt, “The reality is that not everyone will be able to get the vaccine at the same time. It’ll take months—or even years—to create 7 billion doses or possibly 14 billion, if it’s a multi-dose vaccine, and we should start distributing them as soon as the first batch is ready to go” boasted Dr Bill Gates… Oh wait that’s right, he is not a doctor.


“There will be a new "way of life" until a vaccine is discovered… For the first time in a long time, every scientist on the planet is working towards a vaccine, working towards a cure, and, of course, we want NSW to be part of that story," Gladys Berejiklian - Premier of New South Wales.

It is gangsters like Gladys Berejiklian and her fellow Luciferian cult members that have unleashed this new normal on us while they make a final push towards a New World Order, and the completion of their infamous Agenda 21. International Defence Forces and private military contractors (Mercenaries) are currently conducting sophisticated surveillance and secret police operations in Sydney and every other major city across the globe.



There is a plan to have a global military enforce Bio Security laws under the guise of a world wide pandemic. This is why the military is being unleashed in Australia and why A.D.F troops have been deployed in Victoria. All across the world militaries are slowly establishing a state of martial law, that will end with force vaccinations and the arrest of those who refuse.

U.S. President Donald Trump has already proven that he will use the military to police U.S citizens as parts of the country is already under martial law and high tech surveillance. Trump has also openly stated that he plans to use the U.S. military to help deploy an experimental Covid19 vaccine. President Trump said “You know it’s a massive job to give this vaccine… Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year, we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”

It is possible that the second wave could trigger this event as well as a total economic collapse. A state of emergency will no doubt be issued globally and emergency powers will soon be given to the military to enforce medical martial law.


The second wave of Covid19 is planned for the near future, it will cause more fear and panic than the first round of Coronavirus lockdowns. The second wave will cause mass hysteria and the powers that be will cause restrictions to be tighter and more rigorously enforced. The army has already been trained to enforce mandatory quarantines and remove people from their homes. The Australian military has been trained to round up citizens that will not be vaccinated and to use sports stadiums and other facilities as concentration camps to house these and other enemies of the state.

Sydney is the next Covid19 hotspot and it is only a matter of time before the Certificate of Vaccination Identification task force comes to your house…

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