On August 21, 2020 Pope Francis declared that the experimental Covid-19 vaccine must be “universal for all.During his afternoon address from the Vatican the Pope expressed his desire to use the pandemic to implement global government and inject the entire world with an untested vaccine that will contain nano technology and permanently alter human D.N.A. The Pope said,

“The pandemic is a crisis, and we don’t come out of a crisis unchanged, either we leave better or we leave worse, today we have an opportunity to build something different...It would be sad if we gave priority for the COVID-19 vaccine to the richest people. It would be sad if this vaccine became the property of this or that nation and was not universal and for all.”

The United Nations was quick to echo the Pope’s cry for global government and the Director of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus responded to Pope Francis’s calls for universal vaccinations on twitter.

“I couldn’t agree more with Your Holiness @Pontifix,The #COVID19 pandemic shows that we must make health a human right for all and not allow it to be a few. It also gives us an opportunity to rebuild a better, safer, fairer world - together! The global organization has invited different countries around the world to join an endeavor called “the COVAX pillar.”


The COVAX pillar is a United Nations initiative funded and organised by G.A.V.I (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations) a U.N. Non Governmental Organisation. The COVAX pillar is a scheme by the U.N. to produce “Two billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and to vaccinate health care workers and other high risk groups,” the WHO video states. Dr Tedros Adhanom director told the media “It’s not about one country versus another: it’s about one world, protected.” The Director of the World Health Organization also said that the WHO wants a two-stage process of inoculation: after the health care workers and most vulnerable the rest of their populations will be evaluated and vaccinated accordingly.

Tedros Adhanom and Pope Francis are engaged in a global satanic conspiracy to administer the Mark of the Beast to every man, women and child. The United Nations and the Rome are working together to fulfill Bible prophecy and to reveal the Antichrist 666. For more information about this conspiracy and how it is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy see our article COVID-19 AND AGENDA 21.

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