On the 15th of September 2020 the Australian government announced that 25,000 Australian citizens stranded overseas will be placed in detention centres if they are permitted to return to Australia. West Australian Premier Mark McGowan told A.B.C news, that immigration detention centres as well as concentration camps attached to Australian military bases would be used to imprison Australians returning from overseas.

Mr McGowan said "They could literally take thousands of people into those if they wanted to, and I think that would be a good back-up to what the state is doing. There is Christmas Island, there is Yongah Hill detention centre, there are defence bases with numerous accommodation facilities both in Western Australia and all over the country."


It's not just Australians returning from overseas that will be placed in these quarantine camps and military detention centres. The government also wants to`force anyone they deem infected with Covid-19 into this type of draconian military detention and have them "vaccinated with the experimental Covid-19 injection. It is painfully obvious that medical martial law and forced detention was the Australian government's plan all along. I am convinced that the hotel quarantine scenario was only established to fail in order to make way for people to be "quarantined" in military controlled concentration camps.


Premier Mark McGowan said "We saw in Victoria, when you overload your hotels you can have very, very, very adverse consequences. We have a problem, let's work together to fix it."

The political and economic elite no longer need the masses to run their machines and to do their paperwork, the technocratic elite now posses technology that will effectively replace workers with machines and Artificial Intelligence. The lower and middle class families that once drove the global economy have outlived their usefulness and we are now seen as a problem by the ruling elite. The predator class have finished using the masses to work in their factories and to borrow their money. They have decided we are no longer fit to live and they are planning to detain and depopulate us plebs in Australia's quarantine camps and military detention centres.


People do not believe that the Australian Defence Force (A.D.F.) will ever detain Australian citizens in Nazi style concentration camps, but I can assure you that they have been trained to do exactly that. The A.D.F has participated in the illegal invasion and occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya which killed and displacing millions of innocent people. For the last twenty years Australian soldiers have been cycled through these murderous campaigns which have systematically desensitized them to death and military occupation. Australia now has its military ranks full of heartless killers that stand ready to follow any order without question. Australian police and military commanders have even been trained by U.S and Israeli intelligence services, they were trained by these agencies to kill, capture and torture civilians with no remorse. These satanic commanders are now using the police and military to occupy civilian areas and operate Australia's detention facilities.


Detention facilities have been established all over Australia under the cover of COVID-19 Quarantine. These facilities were established in accordance with the United Nations Strong Cities Initiative, and are a network of concentration camps and military detention facilities.


The Phoenix Program was coordinated by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A) during the Vietnam War, in which Australia actively participated, the Phoenix Program acted as a civilian assassination unit that killed an estimated 40,000 Vietnamese civilians. This program also established a network of interrogation centres throughout Vietnam, where Vietnamese citizens were imprisoned and tortured. The Phoenix program that started during the Vietnam war continued on through the Rothschild funded Chilean revolution, which began on September 11th 1973. This horrific program of torture and imprisonment died down for a while, but was casually restarted during the Israeli, U.S. led war on terror, which also started on September 11, 2001. It is no secret that this network of detention facilities and torture camps exist, a depressing example of this fact are places like Camp Bucca, and Abu Ghraib. The New York Times even reported on this program and detailed how people were being kidnapped by the U.S. military, and tortured in these facilities. The Phoenix program is once again being reborn under the Coronavirus pandemic, and military intelligence units like the COVID-19 Task Force, are slowly becoming Australia's police force. Under the United Nations Strong Cities Initiative, quarantine camps, and military detention centres have been set up all across the country, and anyone who refuses to comply with U.N. health mandates, such as contact tracing, social distancing and forced vaccinations, will be subject to imprisonment in one of these camps.


The A.D.F has participated in many demonic wars of aggression, and committed numerous war crimes and horrendous acts of ethnic cleansing. Australia is a huge part of the New World Order, and a willing participant in its depopulation Agenda 21. The Australian government and its military is not your friend! They have watered the earth with blood on behalf of Satan and are responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. Don't let patriotism and national pride blind you from this reality, Martial Law has begun in Australia, and these atrocities are coming to a city near you.

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