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We are living in the age of lies and global deception, today human reality is dictated by private corporations that control both Governments and the mass media, because of this, there has never before been such confusion and division amongst society, and never before have people been so deceived and misinformed, especially when it comes to the subject of Climate Change. Sadly most people are totally unaware that there is a sinister agenda and conspiracy to use Climate Change, as a means to destroy human liberty and reshape the world’s political and economic structure. I have written this publication to expose the people behind this agenda and provide you with evidence of this global conspiracy. But before I can present you with this evidence we must first answer the question, is Climate Change real?


The answer to this question is yes, Climate Change is very real, in fact the climate changes every day, and every season. From the beginning of time the climate has been changing, for example, it heats up in summer, it starts to cool down in autumn, it gets cold in winter and it starts to heat up again in spring. The natural order of this world is Climate Change, but this is not what the powers that be want you to think of when you hear the words Climate Change. For this reason, phrases such as The Green House Effect and Global Warming were invented to indoctrinate society into the official Climate Change narrative.


The official Climate Change narrative began in the early 1900’s when the scientific community invented the theory of Global Warming, also known as the Green House Effect. This theory states that global warming is the progressive rise of the average surface temperature of the earth, which is due primarily to humanity’s use of fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air. According to this theory these gases trap heat within the atmosphere, which increases global temperatures, which has a range of negative effects on the ecosystem, including rising sea levels, severe weather events and droughts. The information in the next section of this book will cast serious doubt on the Global Warming theory, and present evidence of a conspiracy to use Weather Warfare as a means to raise global temperatures and cause extreme weather events including droughts and floods.


The majority of people have no knowledge of the existence of Weather Warfare, and most people would not even consider the possibility that the weather could be used as a weapon of war. But Weather Warfare does exist and for many decades’ governments and nations have been using the weather as a part of their military arsenal. One example of this fact is the disclosure of a highly classified operation run by the US military in 1967-1972 called operation Popeye, in which the U.S. military used weather modification techniques to alter the weather during its war with Vietnam. The Weather Modification technique used by the U.S. military in operation Popeye is known today as Cloud Seeding. Cloud Seeding consists of the large scale aerial spraying of chemicals into the atmosphere for the purpose of increasing or decreasing precipitation, and therefore modifying the weather. Operation Popeye was a huge success and through the use of Cloud Seeding the U.S. military was able to prolong the Monsoon season in Southeast Asia, which successfully disrupted the tactical logistics of the North Vietnamese Army. History has noted that as a result of the disclosure of operation Popeye, a United Nations treaty prohibiting the use of Weather Modification Techniques was passed. This treaty is called The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD) and was made international law on 5th October 1978. The (ENMOD) treaty forbids the military use of Weather Modification against hostile nations, but interestingly the treaty does not restrict governments or militaries from using Weather Warfare against their own people or nation. The next chapter of this book will provide evidence of the existence of Weather Warfare, and it will expose the U.S. government’s use of these techniques against American citizens.


This evidence is recorded in a publicly released U.S. Government document titled: Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation United States Senate (May 1978). Chapter 5 of this document is titled: Federal Activities in Weather Modification and it states: The Federal Government has been involved for over thirty years in a number of aspects of weather modification, through activities of both the congress and executive branch. Since 1947, weather modification bills pertaining to research support, operations, policy studies, regulations, liabilities, activity reporting, establishment of panels and committees, and international concerns have been introduced to the congress. The document goes on to state: A total of six public laws specifically on weather modification have been enacted since 1953, while others have included provisions which are in some way relevant to weather modification.


This document published in 1978 reveals that the United States military used Weather Warfare against its own citizenry, it notes that the same Weather Modification technique used in operation Popeye (Cloud Seeding) was used to cause both droughts and floods. The document reveals on page 401: There is no question that during a dry season, cloud seeding aggravates conditions to cause droughts, and during a wet cycle, it triggers even more rain and floods. It also says on Page 402: Cloud seeding has been responsible for a great 5 year drought in the Northeast United States. Isolated sections of the Northeast have experienced 18 years of drought due to cloud seeding. When the effects of seeding wear off, cloudburst occur, causing floods, destroying crops, buildings and drowning people as well as livestock.

There is much more evidence available to prove government complicity in the use of Weather Warfare but I have chosen only to present these admissions in this chapter for the sake of the reader’s time. The next section of this book will explain in detail a Weather Warfare technique that governments are using to modify the weather and increase global temperatures.


The existence of Chemtrails is denied by every government agency in the world and no mainstream news agency has ever published an article or reported a story confirming the reality of the Chemtrail phenomenon. Most people scoff at the word Chemtrail and associate Chemtrails with conspiracy theorists that have little to no grip on reality. But what does this conspiracy theory entail? Is there any truth to this subject? This chapter will answer both of these questions.


The Chemtrail conspiracy theory is the belief in a covert international program that uses military and civilian aircraft to spray toxic chemicals into the upper atmosphere for a variety of malevolent purposes including weather modification. Believers of this theory universally claim that Chemtrails are a toxic mix of chemicals which include heavy metals, such as Aluminium, Barium and Strontium, which are released by aircraft as micro particles into the sky. Believers of this theory claim that Chemtrails are poisoning the environment with high levels of toxic heavy metals and that Chemtrails are responsible for the rise in diseases such as Autism and Alzheimer’s. Most believers of the Chemtrail conspiracy theory state that this secret program is controlled by the United Nations and is being carried out by the military intelligence agencies of the world, for the sinister purpose of global depopulation and the implementation of Agenda 21. But could any of this be true? Or are Chemtrails just a conspiracy theory?


Although the governments of the world and the mainstream media continue to label anyone who believes in Chemtrails as a conspiracy theorist, they are now quick to acknowledge a global initiative called Climate Intervention or Geoengineering. Wikipedia describes Climate Interventions as “the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth's climate system, usually with the aim of mitigating the adverse effects of global warming. The most prominent subcategory of climate engineering is solar radiation management. Solar radiation management attempts to offset the effects of greenhouse gases by causing the Earth to absorb less solar radiation”.

So according to Wikipedia the world’s most trusted and reliable source of information, there is a deliberate large scale geoengineering program that is being carried out. But what is geoengineering?


Geoengineering is the use of Weather Warfare techniques such as Cloud Seeding to modify the weather, Geoengineering can be used to both increase and decrease the earth’s climate. Geoengineering techniques are what the governments of this world are using for Climate Intervention. Wikipedia claims that Climate Intervention uses a method called Solar Radiation Management. But what is Solar Radiation Management?


According to Wikipedia, Solar Radiation Management is “a type of climate engineering which would seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming”. So as you can see Solar Radiation Management is a method that seeks to reflect sunlight from reaching the earth, but how is this done? Wikipedia explains that one method that is being used to reflect sunlight is Marine Cloud Brightening. It says “Marine cloud brightening also known as marine cloud seeding and marine cloud engineering is a proposed solar radiation management climate engineering technique that would make clouds brighter, reflecting a small fraction of incoming sunlight back into space in order to offset anthropogenic global warming along with stratospheric aerosol injection”.

So as you can read for yourself Solar Radiation Management uses Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and Cloud Seeding to prevent sunlight from reaching the earth. The smallest amount of independent research will tell you that both Cloud Seeding and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection are Weather Modification techniques that use aircraft to inject chemical micro particles in the atmosphere. These chemicals contain heavy metals such as Silver Iodine, Aluminium, Barium and Strontium, and as noted earlier Cloud Seeding was the method used by the U.S. Military in their war against Vietnam.


Interestingly Wikipedia reports that Cloud Seeding has been used globally and it lists the following continents and nations as using this method of Weather Warfare domestically. China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, United States, Canada, Europe, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Russia, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Australia and Africa. According to Wikipedia there has been, and still is, a world-wide program of Cloud Seeding and Weather Modification taking place, and although governments have denied their involvement in Weather Modification for decades, it is now openly admitted that these programs have been going on since as early as 1947, and according to Wikipedia these programs are still being conducted today. For example, when detailing Cloud Seeding and Weather Modification activities in Australia, it states “In Australia, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) conducted major trials between 1947 and the early-1960s… and the technique is still actively deployed there”.

So as you can see, there can be no doubt that there is a global Weather Modification program which uses aircraft to spray chemicals into the atmosphere. While Chemtrails remain a conspiracy theory, this program of Cloud Seeding and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection is now openly admitted and labelled Climate Intervention, and although this activity was denied for many decades, governments and media outlets now use Climate Change as the official narrative to justify the very activity that is being used to engineer the climate. This book has shown that governments have been using Weather Modification techniques to engineer the global climate and cause extreme weather for over seventy years. Ironically these same governments and their corporate media mouth pieces, now expect you to believe that these programs are necessary to save humanity from Climate Change. The next chapter of this book will present evidence that the global Climate Intervention program is destroying the environment, as well as human health.


The Climate Intervention method being used by the governments of this world is poisoning both the environment and mankind. According to the previously cited U.S. Government document titled: Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation United States Senate (May 1978), Cloud Seeding is destroying agriculture and human brain function, it also notes that Cloud Seeding is responsible for increasing cases of cancer and respiratory disease. It states on Page 402:7-11 “Seeding has been responsible for serious air pollution problems. Mental retardation and insanity are traceable to cloud seeding chemicals. Poisoning of all living matter is directly related to cloud seeding. Emphysema is three times higher in areas of heavy cloud seeding. Cancer is virulently out of proportionForest trees as well as cultivated orchids are dying from chemical reactions taking place in the air due to additional cloud seeding agents”.

So according to this publically available document, the U.S. Government has been aware of the environmental damage caused by Climate Intervention since 1978. The document also shows that the U.S. Government is aware that the Chemicals used in Climate Intervention cause severe health problems, such as cancer and mental retardations. Despite this publicly available data the international community continues to use Cloud Seeding and other Weather Modification techniques, knowing full well the damage that they are doing to both the environment and human health (which they claim to care so much about). Further evidence of this was revealed by the Mount Shasta conspiracy.


Mount Shasta in the state of California will be forever linked to the Chemtrail conspiracy theory and this story is a documented case proving the negative environmental effects of Climate Intervention. The Mount Shasta conspiracy began on the 22nd of June 2008 when a large group of Siskiyou and Shasta county residents witnessed aircraft conducting overt aerial spraying in their area. Shortly after the spraying, unnatural weather raged all across Northern California, and Mount Shasta residents were convinced that the spraying was the cause of the abnormal weather. Because the aerial spraying was so overt, Siskiyou and Shasta county residents took their concerns to the local authorities, who ignored and dismissed their claims. This aerial spraying continued over Mount Shasta, and area residents became convinced that they were being poisoned by Chemtrails. Mount Shasta and Siskiyou county residents took matters into their own hands and began taking samples of the snow, water and dust. They had these samples tested at Basic Laboratory, Inc. 2218 Railroad Ave Redding California, and the results of these tests showed dangerously high levels of Aluminium, Barium and Strontium. These results were made public, but the United States government refused to comment on the test results or disclose any involvement in the matter. Since the results were made public, there has been a concerted effort by the government and the media to discredit the residents of Mount Shasta and the validity of these tests. Despite these efforts, the residents of Mount Shasta continued to test snow and water samples from specially constructed catchments, and the results continued to show high levels of Aluminium, Barium and Strontium.


So far this book has presented easily verifiable evidence that casts serious doubt on the official Climate Change narrative, it has presented clear evidence proving the existence of Weather Modification and Climate Engineering programs. It is clear that these programs exist and have been using Cloud Seeding and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection to cover the planet with a poisonous mix of chemicals and heavy metals. With this reality now apparent, it becomes necessary to point out the obvious, the spraying of large amounts of heavy metals and chemical salts, into the air will not help cool the planet as the powers that be claim, but rather this Geoengineering can only make the planet hotter. Metals such as Aluminium conduct heat, and chemical salts such as Barium absorb moisture, and although the powers that be claim that Climate Intervention is being used to help cool the planet and prevent natural disasters, it is clear that this program is being used to heat up the planet and cause environmental disasters. But who is controlling this program, and why would they want to cause environmental disasters and make the planet warmer?


It is easy to discover the hidden hand that is driving the global Climate Intervention program, only one organisation has the power to order governments to take such action, and that organisation is the United Nations. While most people see the United Nations (U.N.) as a benevolent peace keeping organisation with little control over sovereign nations, the truth is that the U.N. is the head of an all-encompassing global government that dictates the financial and environmental policies of over 170 countries. The United Nations is the highest governmental authority in the world, and the United Nations Environment Assembly (U.N.E.A.) is responsible for overseeing today’s Climate Intervention programs. Proof of this can be found on the U.N.’s own website (, where it states “The United Nations Environment Assembly is the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment it addresses the critical environmental challenges facing the world today.” But why would the United Nations command governments to poison their own people with aerosol chemicals that are heating up the planet and destroying the environment? Why would the United Nations also lie about Climate Change?


Sadly most people are unaware that the United Nations has a hidden agenda to convince the world that Climate Change is real. In fact the U.N. is so motivated to convince the world that Climate Change is real, that it is willing to use Geoengineering to heat up the planet and cause ecological catastrophes such as massive droughts and floods. The United Nations is doing this in order to create the illusion that the world is facing an environmental emergency that will require governments to take action on Climate Change. Global Weather Modification operations are being conducted to create the Climate Change problem, while the corporate media machine spews its Global Warming propaganda to get the masses to demand a solution. Unfortunately the majority of the world has swallowed the Climate Change lie hook, line and sinker, now masses of misguided souls are marching in protest, demanding that world leaders take action to stop Climate Change. This carefully orchestrated scheme has worked perfectly; the United Nations now stands ready to unveil Agenda 21, which is the U.N.’s totalitarian vision for the future and its solution to Climate Change.


The majority of the world has never even heard of Agenda 21, yet it stands today as the greatest threat to humanity and the world as we know it. This chapter will explain in simple terms exactly what Agenda 21 is, and outline exactly how its application will affect the lives of every human being on this planet.


Agenda 21 is a Global edict with stated goals and outcomes that was mandated and passed into law by the United Nations. Agenda 21 was formalised and passed into law at the United Nations Earth Summit on Climate Change, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. Currently the governments of 178 nations recognise Agenda 21 as international law and are working tirelessly to enforce the goals. The goals and outcomes of Agenda 21 are recorded in a 351 page manifesto titled: Agenda 21 the United Nations program of action from Rio. While on the surface, Agenda 21 reads like the benevolent efforts of a world government to preserve the environment, and implement an economic solution for sustainable energies and resource management, the truth is much darker. In reality the 351 page manifesto is a blueprint for world domination, and a program of human enslavement. This document uses sustainable development and environmental protection as the motive to achieve its stated outcomes, but society is largely unaware that these outcomes will give the United Nations power over every aspect of human existence, and destroy all liberty and freedom. Essentially Agenda 21 is a plot by the United Nations to inventory and control all food, water, land, plants and animals, as well as give the U.N. power and authority over all construction, information, energy and education. The Agenda 21 manifesto lays out a long term program of social engineering necessary to achieve these goals, as well as the political and economic structures that must be established in order to implement Agenda 21. The remainder of this chapter will summarize the overall goals of Agenda 21, and explain how Agenda 21 will affect the future of this world.


If one is to study the 351 page Agenda 21 manifesto, it becomes clear that the United Nations solution to Climate Change and sustainable development, is U.N. control of the world economy and the world’s natural resources. The economic objectives stated in chapter two of this document details the creation of an international trading system governed by The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The document advocates the use of trade restriction and the enforcement of environmental policies in order to control any nation that does not comply with Agenda 21 and its international trading system. Currently Geoengineering is being used to modify the weather and increase global temperatures for the purpose of convincing the world that there is a climate emergency which demands immediate action. Through mass media propaganda and the actual effects of weather modification, the world will be convinced that action is needed to stop climate change. Conveniently this action is detailed in Agenda 21 and will involve the enforcement of environmental policies through Carbon Taxes.


Agenda 21 instructs governments to impose national carbon taxes on its citizens which will lead to the increasing costs of goods and services. Although carbon taxes have already been implemented worldwide, soon action will be demanded to combat Climate Change and more carbon taxes will be imposed. The direct result of this action will drastically raise the price of food, water, petrol and eventually make them unaffordable. Carbon taxes were created by the United Nations to cause a global economic collapse which will force all nations to accept a new one world currency. When the price of goods and services become unaffordable, cash will be abolished and a digital biometric currency will be pushed by political leaders and the mainstream media as the solution to Climate Change and the global financial crisis. One of the main goals of Agenda 21 is to create a global biometric currency in which no man, women or child will be able to buy or sell without using this system of trade.


The one world currency mandated by Agenda 21 will use comprehensive data collection in order to monitor and control every aspect of human life, and individual freedom will not exist under this one world economy. Unimaginable amounts of your individual data is now being collected and this information will all be linked to the coming global economy, and through its creation will come a system of complete control and global surveillance. Under the Agenda 21 system privacy will be a thing of the past, everything you do, say, buy and think will be monitored, and people will be tracked and traced everywhere they go. Although this may sound impossible, this goal is easily achieved through the internet of things and the construction of smart cities.


Smart cities are a U.N. initiative and their creation is a huge part of Agenda 21, the concept of smart cities is now being sold to the public as some sort of high tech environmentally friendly utopia, but in reality smart cites will be digital open air prisons inhabited by populations of closely monitored slaves. Smart Cities will have comprehensive digital connectivity through the installation of a massive wireless network consisting of 5.G. small cell receivers which will be installed on every light post, utility pole, home and business throughout the city. Also surveillance cameras and microphones will be installed on top of LED street lights and smart meters will record all energy usage. All products, appliances and devices will contain microchips which will send signals to a centralized system where all this data will be gathered and analysed. Smart City residents will be under surveillance thanks to the city’s vast array of cameras, which will use artificial intelligence (A.I.) and facial recognition technology to identify and track every citizen. This system of global surveillance has already been built and its data bases are added to daily by naive people keen to share their lives and thoughts on social media. Every day billions of people submit photographs of themselves and their children online which contributes to the Agenda 21 global surveillance system and the United Nations facial recognition data base. This information is being gathered and catalogued to prepare for the final stage of Agenda 21 which is global depopulation.


The final objective of Agenda 21 is global depopulation, and although this objective is not overtly stated in the 351 page manifesto, it is clearly outlined in the text. Agenda 21 lays out many methods of population control and reduction that it in turn instructs U.N. member nations to implement. The Agenda 21 manifesto advocates population control through sterilization and mass abortion, it also orders the funding and construction of industrial scale abortion factories. Agenda 21 mandates a program of systematic poisoning and sterilization in order to achieve depopulation, this U.N. mandated program is already underway through mass vaccinations, genetically modified food, irradiated food, fluoridation of the water, and of course Geoengineering. With the use of all these methods recorded in the Agenda 21 manifesto, the United Nations hopes to reduce the world’s population by up to ninety five percent. These are the goals of Agenda 21 and this is the action that will be taken to stop Climate Change.


This book will end the same way it began, reminding the reader that we live in the age of lies and deception. I hope that the information contained in this book will help you understand the magnitude of the Climate Change hoax and encourage you to further research the subjects of Climate Change, Chemtrails and Agenda 21.

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