"Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer." Harold Rosenthal 1976

The Synagogue of Satan is the most powerful political, religious and financial organization to ever exist, its influence is unrivalled and it is responsible for untold amounts of war, death and suffering. The Synagogue of Satan is a ruthless religious cult, its religious doctrines are found in the Babylonian Talmud, and they use the kabbalah to practice the mystery religion of Lucifer. This shadowy religious cabal is led by the 70 high priest of Lucifer which meet secretly in the Synagogue underneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Picture above) The 70 high priest of Lucifer are masters of the dark occult arts and they communicate directly with Satan and his army of demonic entities. The Synagogue of Satan and its priesthood are currently in control of all global political, religious and financial actions through their domination of the central banking system. This satanic elite are hell bent on enslaving humanity and implementing a new global order and one world economy, this demonic cult also controls a global network of secret societies and intelligence agencies that it uses to carry out its sinister agenda. The Synagogue of Satan has already constructed the United Nations global government and global biometric currency that is foretold in Bible prophecy. This cult is now in the final stages of preparing humanity for a great spiritual deception that will lead to the one world religion of the Antichrist.


The Bible identifies the Synagogue of Satan, and Jesus warned us about this ruthless cult. (Revelation 2:9) I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

The Bible teaches that the Synagogue of Satan will falsely claim to be God’s chosen people and the descendants of Abraham. Prophecy reveals that these imposters will lay claim to the Holy land of Israel and rebuild Solomon’s temple in the city of Jerusalem. This prophecy is currently being fulfilled, and the so called Jews are now preparing to annex the city of Jerusalem and build this temple. The Bible identifies the Synagogue of Satan as the people of modern day Israel and the infamous Rothschild dynasty (For more information about this subject see our book ARE THE JEWS GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE?).


The Synagogue of Satan is the Rothschild dynasty and it is this occult family that dominates every global industry especially economics and banking. This dynasty and the vastness of its stranglehold over the world is indescribable! The Rothschild family are the head of the satanic elite and its central banking system operates in every country with the exception of Iran, North Korea and Cuba. This family and their unfathomable amounts of wealth have built the New World Order and is the Antichrist dynasty.


The Rothschild family descends from a Khazarian Jew named Mayer Amschel (1744–1812). Mayer Amschel was renamed Mayer Amschel Rothschild, which means red sign. The Rothschild family placed its family crest (Red Sign) above the door of its banking house the year Mayer was born, and this act signalled the birth of the Antichrist empire. The Rothschild sign was a red hexagram that geometrically and numerically translated into the number 666, and it is this sign that is featured on the flag of modern day Israel. Mayer Amschel’s children would go on to open five banks in Europe after their fathers death, and the subsequent generations of this family went on to conquer the world through banking and finance. This family empire is the richest and most powerful military, political, and financial superpower to ever exist. Within the realm of the occult, the Rothschild family are considered to be spiritual entities (gods). It is believed that the Rothschild family communicate directly with Satan, and even prepare a place for him at their dinner table. It is the Rothschild dynasty and their occult henchmen that are the driving force behind the New World Order and Jewish control of the Temple Mount.


The same priesthood that murdered Jesus Christ exists today and it is controlling the United Nations from Lodge of Jerusalem. The Synagogue of Satan and the U.N. is controlled by the members of this lodge and its Sanhedrin council of 70 religious elders. The priesthood of Lucifer has already established the frame work and enforcement structure for a one world religion and a global court to prosecute whoever will not submit to the United Nations one world religion. On the 25th September 2019, the priesthood of Lucifer hosted the Organization of Seventy Nations conference in Jerusalem, this conference was attended by 70 world leaders who are controlled by the 70 high priests of Lucifer. These nations were summoned to Jerusalem to confirm the Old Covenant Sanhedrin law with the Antichrist and begin animal sacrifices as foretold in Bible prophecy. (For more information see our article THE CONFIRMED COVENANT).

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