Continued Israeli provocations threaten World War III


On 26th November 2020, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran's top nuclear scientist was brazenly assassinated in Damavand, east of Tehran. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has openly accused Israel of murdering Fakhrizadeh, and Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami promised "severe revenge" against "the killers". This blatant war crime comes only months after the Israeli led U.S. assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, which has seriously escalated Israel's illegal war against Iran. Although the Israeli government refused to comment as to whether or not it had carried out the hit on Fakhrizadeh, it is no secret that Israeli intelligence has murdered Iranian scientists in the past. For example In 2010, Masoud Ali Mohammadi, an expert on particle physics, was killed by a remote-control bomb as he was leaving his home in Tehran. Later that year, another nuclear scientist, Majid Shahriar was assassinated in similar fashion. Fereidoon Abbasi Davani, Iran’s atomic chief survived an assassination attempt that same day. In 2011 Darioush Rezaeinejad, an academic allegedly linked to Iran's nuclear program was shot by gunmen riding a motorcycle. A year later, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, the deputy head of Iran’s uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, was killed by a bomb attack while he was driving to work.


Despite the repeated claims of known liar and serial killer Benjamin Netanyahu, no evidence exists to prove Iran has a nuclear weapons program, in fact the International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A) and the Islamic Republic of Iran, have had a cooperation agreement since 16 January 2016. This agreement allows members of the international community to monitor Iran's nuclear program and inspect Iranian nuclear sites. According to the I.A.E.A there is no evidence to suggest that Iran's nuclear program is attempting to produce weapons as claimed by Israel and the United States. The Iranian nuclear program is completely legal under international law according to the International Atomic Energy Agency which is a intergovernmental body consisting of 172 international members. (I.A.E.A - Iran joint statement)


Assassinating civilians is nothing new for Israel and the United States, the illegal invasions of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have already cost the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children, not to mention the crippling economic sanctions that have been placed on Yemen and Venezuela which starve millions more and cause untold amounts of death and suffering. Time would fail me to detail the seventy two years of open genocide against the Palestinian people, along with the continued war crimes being carried out right now in Gaza and the West Bank. The assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is just the latest violation of international law committed by the regime of Israel and the United States, and sadly more bombings and terror should be expected. The Synagogue of Satan has used the U.S. military and its international allies to invade or overthrow the nations surrounding Iran in preparation for all out war. It has been reported that the Israeli military is preparing for the United States to launch a full scale attack on Iran before Donald Trump is removed from the Oval Office. I suspect that the assassination of both Qasem Soleimani and Mohsen Fakhrizadeh were carried out by Israel to prepare the narrative for a future false flag attack. A Dark Winter has been predicted for America in 2020, Intelligence agencies like Israel’s Unit 8200 and the C.I.A are planning to unleash a false flag attack on U.S. soil to blame it on Iran. The brazen killing of a civilian scientist by a foreign government is an obvious provocation, and possibly carried out to either cause Iran to retaliate or to blame the Iranian government for the coming false flag event. My research has led me to conclude that U.S. and Israeli intelligence were behind the 911 terrorist attacks that took place in New York in 2001 (see BY DECEPTION THE WAGE WAR), these same entities have been preparing for a new 911 like event that is said to include cyber warfare and a bio-terror attack on the United States. I have documented my research of this subject and explained what I believe will be the next 911 in our article FALL OF THE U.S. REPUBLIC. Murder, mayhem and terror attacks are the preferred weapons of Israel and the global elite which it controls, these tools are increasingly being used to further Israeli goals and usher in World War III which is the fulfilment of Zionist prophecy.

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