Thank you for listening to the Narrow Way Christian Ministry’s online church service, today’s sermon is titled : Shedding Light on the Illuminati, and this message is apart of the Exposing Satan Series. The purpose of this sermon is to provide Christians with a Bible based explanation, of the now infamous Illuminati and detail its role in the New World Order, and purpose in end time events. This sermon will give a brief history of the Illuminati organization, and it will attempt to expound its religious theology, in a simple and easy to understand manner. It is my hope that this sermon will help you to better understand the truth of this matter, and expose the Illuminati, as just one of many secret orders being used by Satan, to prepare the world for the New World order, and the of the coming Antichrist. The Bible says in (Luke 12:2) For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.


The Illuminati is a secret society that originated in Bavaria, and was imported to the United States by a man named Adam Weishaupt. The Illuminati was officially founded on 1 May 1776, the word Illuminati translates roughly to, Illuminated society or enlightened ones, this society is an occult group that practice the Luciferian Mystery religion, and believes in the Luciferian doctrine, or philosophy, which I will detail shortly, but first I would like to detail some historical facts about the Illuminati, that will help you to better understand the purpose of this sermon.

According to the Encylapedia Brittanica, the Illuminati was founded for the purpose of replacing Christianity with the Illuminati religion of reason. The Enclyclapida Brittanica also says that from the year 1778, onward, the Illuminati began to make contact with various Masonic Lodges, and offered Freemason converts, a commanding position within the Illuminati secret society. It is also interesting to note, that it is recorded that the founder of the Illuminati, was a Jewish convert to Roman Catholicism, and that he was a Jesuit before forming the now infamous occult group.

The universally recognized symbol of the Illuminati is the eye of Lucifer inside the raised capstone of a Pyramid, and it is of historical value to note, that the symbol of the Illuminati is displayed on the U.S. dollar bill, alongside the Latin phrase Novus Ordo Saclorum, which is loosely translated to New secular Order, or New World Order. The existence of the Illuminati was made public in October 1786, when Bavarian officials searched the home of a prominent occultist and seized more than 200 letters written by Illuminati leaders that detailed names of members, and information regarding secret oaths, black magic and the Illuminati’s involvement in satanic rituals. Upon this discovery the Bavarian government promptly released the names of Illuminati members to the public, published the contents of the letters, and passed laws, making membership illegal. This historical information is easily verifiable, and it in its self is proof of the existence of the Illuminati. (Proverbs 14:15) The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.


The next section of this sermon will attempt to explain the religious beliefs of the Illuminati, by doing this I hope to give the reader insight into the motivations of the Illuminati, and the spiritual world that is guiding every action that it takes. The religious beliefs of the Illuminati are not unlike the beliefs of any occult secret society, being that all believe in the coming of a new age, which they believe will consist of a one world government, one world currency, and one world religion, which will adhere to the Luciferian doctrine, or Luciferian philosophy. It is worth noting that many writings are available on this subject of the Luciferian doctrine and the Luciferian philosophy was recorded for all to see in the writings of Helana Blavatski, Alice Baily, and in the religion of Pheosephy. It is also profitable to note that much of what we know of the modern Luciferian doctrine, comes from the writings of Alister Crowley, Albert Pike and Manly P Hall. As said before, these writings give a deep insight to the Luciferian doctrine, but for the purpose of this sermon, I will now give a simplified explanation of the Luciferian doctrine.


To give a short summery of the Luciferian doctrine, it is fair to say, that those who’s faith is in this philosophy, do not believe that Satan is the dreaded adversary of Man, who deceived God’s creation in the Garden of Eden, when he promised them godhood, if they disobeyed Jehovah, and ate from the tree of knowledge, as the Bible describes in (Genesis 3:4-5). Rather the Luciferian doctrine teaches, that Satan is not the prince of darkness, and the deceiver of man, but rather they teach that he is Lucifer, the bringer of light and god of this world. The Luciferian philosophy is that, the true God of the Bible Jehovah, held man prisoner in the Garden of Eden, and refused to give them wisdom and knowledge. The Luciferian philosophy is that Lucifer, in the form of the holy serpent, came to set mankind free from the bondage of Jehovah, and the captivity in the Garden of Eden. The Luciferian doctrine is that Satan gave man enlightenment, and that by worshipping him through the mystery religions and that by following the teachings of Kabbalah, mankind can himself become god. This is a short summery of the Luciferian doctrine, and the religious beliefs of the Illuminati.


The earliest historical record, of people practicing of the Luciferian Mystery religion can be found in the Bible, but the best and most detailed example of its practice is found in the book of (Ezekiel 8:8-17). The Bible speaks extensively about the mystery religion and the practice of it. In fact it must be noted that this religion is documented throughout the Old Testament, and most notably its practice consisted of child sacrifice to the false god’s Baal, Moloch and Belzubub. In fact the Old Testament nation of Israel was given into the hands of the Assyrians by God, and sent captive to Babylon, as punishment for their worship of Lucifer, and their participation in the mystery religion. It is also historically recognized, that Luciferianism was the religion practiced by King Solomon, after he turned from serving the Lord, and that the occult knowledge of the mysteries were discovered by the Knights Templar when they captured Solomon’s Temple (underneath Temple Mount) during the early Catholic Crusades. The occult knowledge that the Knights Templar discovered in Jerusalem was passed on through many occult orders and is the kabbahlistic system practiced by modern secret societies, such as the Illuminati.


The Illuminati is the most recognizable and well known secret society. Its existence is promoted in every form of media and entertainment, it’s symbols are displayed by prominent actors, musicians and most elite athletes. The Illuminati’s symbols are highly recognizable, and its agenda is freely available for anyone that goes looking, and this is not by mistake. As I mentioned earlier, prominent secret societies all over the world, believe that there will be a New World Order, and one major component to this world system, is a global religion that adheres to the Luciferian Mystery religion. The reason the Illuminati is so well known today, is because it serves Satan’s purpose, and this is by design of the elite. It is my claim that one of the Illuminati’s main purposes in the New World Order, is to initiate the world in the Mystery religion, and to disclose Satan’s agenda, and his plans to bring about a one world government, a one world currency and a one world religion. The Illuminati’s goal is to systematically initiate the masses into the religion of Lucifer, by exposing them the signs symbols of the Illuminati, and to the agenda of Satan himself. This global initiation of the masses, and the elite’s attempts to get the world to identify with the Illuminati religion of Lucifer, is a stated goal of the elite, and it is known as externalization of the hierarchy.


The Illuminati and its members, have systematically unveiled their plans for a New World Order, and their method of achieving it, through what is known as predictive programing. Predictive programing is best described as the showing of planned future events, through movies and other forms of mass media. Movies and T.V. shows in particular have been used effectively by the Illuminati, to disclose catastrophic events, that brought the world closer to the completion of their overall goal of a New World order. One historical event that was featured heavily in predictive programing, was the destruction of the World Trade Centers on September 11 2001. This event was disclosed by the Illuminati in various T.V. shows, including two very overt admissions of prior knowledge in the pilot episode of the lone gunmen, that was aired on March 4th 2001, and the 1996 film Long Kiss Goodnight, staring Samuel L Jackson. It is important to understand that predictive programing is being used by the Illuminati, to disclose the Luciferian agenda in full to the masses, and the next section of this sermon will focus on a particular medium used by the elite to reveal their plans.


The Illuminati card game is a role playing game that depicts a struggle between various secret societies for world domination. This game was published by Steve Jackson Games, and the edition in question was released in 1995. This card game is a powerful example of predictive programing, and shows astonishing evidence, that major world events were pre-planned by a global elite, and the overall goals of this elite, are also clearly shown within the card game. A great example of predictive programing shown in this game, is two cards in the series titled, Pentagon and terrorist nuke, which clearly show the attacks of September 11 in astonishing detail, six years before this event took place. This sinister card game also clearly shows the elites agenda for gun control, and seems to predict the so called batman shooting that took place in 2012 in Aurora Colorado. The game also exposes many of the elite’s agendas including Weather modification, Martial law, World war and population reduction. It is important to understand that this card game when released in 1995 even visually disclosed many of its agents that it would latter use to spread misinformation, or play a significant role in bringing about these events, including, former President Barack Hussain Obama, current President and Zionist puppet Donald J Trump, and former Presidential candidate and satanic witch, Hillary Clinton. The card game even depicts disinformation agents such as, Wiki leaks founder Julian Assange, Republican politician Ron Paul, and co Intel agent Alex Jones.

If one is to delve into the subject of predictive programing your research will no doubt lead you to conclude that many major world events that have taken place were portrait in movies, magazines, music videos and t.v. shows years before they ever took place. One question that many people would ask in regarding this subject is why? Why would a global elite release its agenda to the very population it is trying to deceive and destroy. Why would they disclose such a wicked plan, and even write in stone their desire to depopulated 95 % of the world? The answer is simply this, the goals of the Illuminati, are not the goals of men but everything in this world including the Illuminati, is being guided by principalities and powers.

The Bible says in (Ephesians 6:12) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

We are living today in a type of rigged reality, in that forces much more powerful than man, are controlling world events. And it is these spiritual forces, and Satan himself, that are revealing the antichrist agenda through the Illuminati. Satan’s goal is to initiate the world into the mystery religion, while systematically revealing his plan to destroy it. The devil and his minions, are revealing their plans very openly to world, because Satan needs the world to know about his plan in order for the world to accept it, and accept him. Because the devil’s plan is so open and easily figured out, when society as a whole refuses to acknowledge it, or expose it, it is equivalent to total acceptance.

Satan needs the masses to accept his plan, in order for God to allow him to carry it out, Satan wants to be worshipped in place of Christ, therefore he seeks to initiate the world into the Luciferian doctrine, and is now slowly releasing the secrets of the occult to the world through the Illuminati. Satan needs the world to be on board with the death and depravity that he plans to unleash on the world, he needs a population of soulless reprobates to fulfill his desire to stand in place of Christ, as the Saviour of mankind. I will conclude by saying, The men and women of the Illuminati stand as mere puppets, for the father of all lies. They are soulless reprobates being manipulated to fight a foolish, and unwinnable war against God Almighty. The Illuminati have been fooled into believing they are enlightened, but they are deceived above all men. They stand in this world as powerful and omnipotent, but they were blinded, and lead down a path that will certainly end in hell, next to the Pharisees that condemned Jesus to the cross.


I would like to finish this sermon by saying, there is only one Illuminated society here on earth, and that is the people that believe on Jesus. Jesus is the true light that leads men to safety and eternal life, He will never forsake you nor leave you alone. Jesus is power against all evil, and nothing can stand against Him and His will. And this final scripture is a testament to what I just said (Isaiah 14:12-15) How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

Thank you for listening to the Narrow Way Christian Ministry’s online Church service, we hope today’s sermon was helpful and easy to understand, for more information about this subject please get our free book Titled THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

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