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Agenda 21 is a Global edict with stated goals and outcomes that was mandated and passed into law by the United Nations. Agenda 21 was formalised and passed into law at the United Nations Earth Summit on Climate Change, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. Currently the governments of 178 nations recognise Agenda 21 as international law and are working tirelessly to enforce the goals. The goals and outcomes of Agenda 21 are recorded in a 351 page manifesto titled: Agenda 21 the United Nations program of action from Rio. While on the surface, Agenda 21 reads like the benevolent efforts of a world government to preserve the environment, and implement an economic solution for sustainable energies and resource management, the truth is much darker. In reality the 351 page manifesto is a blueprint for world domination, and a program of human enslavement. This document uses sustainable development and environmental protection as the motive to achieve its stated outcomes, but society is largely unaware that these outcomes will give the United Nations power over every aspect of human existence, and destroy all liberty and freedom. Essentially Agenda 21 is a plot by the United Nations to inventory and control all food, water, land, plants and animals, as well as give the U.N. power and authority over all construction, information, energy and education. The Agenda 21 manifesto lays out a long term program of social engineering necessary to achieve these goals, as well as the political and economic structures that must be established in order to implement Agenda 21. The remainder of this chapter will summarize the overall goals of Agenda 21, and explain how Agenda 21 will affect the future of this world.


If one is to study the 351 page Agenda 21 manifesto, it becomes clear that the United Nations solution to Climate Change and sustainable development, is U.N. control of the world economy and the world’s natural resources. The economic objectives stated in chapter two of this document details the creation of an international trading system governed by The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The document advocates the use of trade restriction and the enforcement of environmental policies in order to control any nation that does not comply with Agenda 21 and its international trading system. Currently Geoengineering is being used to modify the weather and increase global temperatures for the purpose of convincing the world that there is a climate emergency which demands immediate action. Through mass media propaganda and the actual effects of weather modification, the world will be convinced that action is needed to stop climate change. Conveniently this action is detailed in Agenda 21 and will involve the enforcement of environmental policies through Carbon Taxes.


Agenda 21 instructs governments to impose national carbon taxes on its citizens which will lead to the increasing costs of goods and services. Although carbon taxes have already been implemented worldwide, soon action will be demanded to combat Climate Change and more carbon taxes will be imposed. The direct result of this action will drastically raise the price of food, water, petrol and eventually make them unaffordable. Carbon taxes were created by the United Nations to cause a global economic collapse which will force all nations to accept a new one world currency. When the price of goods and services become unaffordable, cash will be abolished and a digital biometric currency will be pushed by political leaders and the mainstream media as the solution to Climate Change and the global financial crisis. One of the main goals of Agenda 21 is to create a global biometric currency in which no man, women or child will be able to buy or sell without using this system of trade.


The one world currency mandated by Agenda 21 will use comprehensive data collection in order to monitor and control every aspect of human life, and individual freedom will not exist under this one world economy. Unimaginable amounts of your individual data is now being collected and this information will all be linked to the coming global economy, and through its creation will come a system of complete control and global surveillance. Under the Agenda 21 system privacy will be a thing of the past, everything you do, say, buy and think will be monitored, and people will be tracked and traced everywhere they go. Although this may sound impossible, this goal is easily achieved through the internet of things and the construction of smart cities


Smart cities are a U.N. initiative and their creation is a huge part of Agenda 21, the concept of smart cities is now being sold to the public as some sort of high tech environmentally friendly utopia, but in reality smart cites will be digital open air prisons inhabited by populations of closely monitored slaves. Smart Cities will have comprehensive digital connectivity through the installation of a massive wireless network consisting of 5.G. small cell receivers which will be installed on every light post, utility pole, home and business throughout the city. Also surveillance cameras and microphones will be installed on top of LED street lights and smart meters will record all energy usage. All products, appliances and devices will contain microchips which will send signals to a centralized system where all this data will be gathered and analysed. Smart City residents will be under surveillance thanks to the city’s vast array of cameras, which will use artificial intelligence (A.I.) and facial recognition technology to identify and track every citizen. This system of global surveillance has already been built and its data bases are added to daily by naive people keen to share their lives and thoughts on social media. Every day billions of people submit photographs of themselves and their children online which contributes to the Agenda 21 global surveillance system and the United Nations facial recognition data base. This information is being gathered and catalogued to prepare for the final stage of Agenda 21 which is global depopulation.


The final objective of Agenda 21 is global depopulation, and although this objective is not overtly stated in the 351 page manifesto, it is clearly outlined in the text. Agenda 21 lays out many methods of population control and reduction that it in turn instructs U.N. member nations to implement. The Agenda 21 manifesto advocates population control through sterilization and mass abortion, it also orders the funding and construction of industrial scale abortion factories. Agenda 21 mandates a program of systematic poisoning and sterilization in order to achieve depopulation, this U.N. mandated program is already underway through mass vaccinations, genetically modified food, irradiated food, fluoridation of the water, and of course Geoengineering. With the use of all these methods recorded in the Agenda 21 manifesto, the United Nations hopes to reduce the world’s population by up to ninety five percent. These are the goals of Agenda 21 and this is the action that is being demanded to stop climate change.

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